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A Foodie Favorite!
At Jerky Boy our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience beef jerky.
Historically, beef jerky was made out of necessity since refrigerators were nonexistent. To preserve the meat it had to be salted and dried.

Today, we have the freedom to choose what we eat and why. Jerky Boy beef jerky is made with that in mind. We cater to those who eat jerky for the health benefits, to those who want to experience sweet, sticky, icky, yummy for your tummy, meat candy. We put all the love, passion, and fresh, real ingredients that a gourmet chef puts in his finest dishes.

On a food pleasure scale of 1 to 10, our goal is 11!
Since we aim to please, we make jerky fresh daily. Waiting 3-5 business days to ship allows us to make sure your jerky is the freshest it can be!